From the Pacific Islands
To Your Field In 3 Easy Steps

What does it look like to work with Connect Group?

Here’s what it’s like to take part in our Seasonal Workers Solution:

Step 1: Planning

We conduct a needs assessment to determine how many workers you need and when, taking into account your budget, productivity benchmarks and any other important factors.

Step 2: Training

Once your workforce requirements, pricing and details such as worker accommodation have been finalised, our Operations team initiate the offshore recruitment process from candidate pre-screening to government approval, visa applications, flights and transfers and induction processes. Our employees will be fit, fully focused and ready to commence work on your farm.

Step 3: Arrival

Our Administration team manage all administrative tasks for our employees on your host farm, including payroll, tax, superannuation, Workcover and health insurance, allowing you to maximise the benefits achievable under the SWP or PLS.

How Does Pricing Work?

Connect Group are experts in designing piece rates that will both fit your farming budget and meet compliance standards and regulations.

We have the capacity to implement piece rates, hourly rates, or a combination of both based on your specific needs.

These rates are custom designed specifically for your business.
Since every enterprise has different requirements, the best way we can your pricing estimate, starts with a no obligation phone call.

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