Finally, A Labour Solution
That Works For Farmers

Obtaining a reliable, efficient workforce that meets compliance requirements costs less than you may think. We will protect your reputation and allow you to focus on getting your product in on time and on budget.

Let Connect Group demonstrate
why our Seasonal Worker Programme solutions are growing by over 40% per year!

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We need reliable, productive, committed and skilled returning workers to get the crops from the paddock to the consumer.
Workers living onsite has its advantages.
These Seasonal Workers are far more flexible, loyal, have the right attitude to work & are here when I need them.
They are here to work hard and they certainly do that.
Working with Connect Group has given us the confidence to develop the business & it is an investment that is paying dividends.
Asparagus grower, VIC

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Farming enterprises involve careful planning, preparation and sheer hard work,
for your product to reach the hands of your buyers on time, on budget
and nowadays, within their strict compliance systems.

Unfortunately, as many Australian farmers discover,
a lot can go wrong at critical times with a temporary work force including:

  • Lack of productivity and mishandling of product that results in high wastage
  • Unreliable staff who are inefficient and want to work on their terms, possibly leaving you without labour at critical times
  • Contractors who may not have solid and reliable agreements in place with you and possibly unethical agreements with their workers
  • High turnover rates of temporary staff, meaning farmers must continually invest in costly and time-wasting sourcing and training of new staff.


The Seasonal
Worker Solution

With a wealth of experience in strategic people partnerships, Connect Group have been assisting Australian farmers to increase productivity, reduce precious time spent in training resources and focus on the business of farming, by replacing irregular and unreliable labour with a long term work force solution through the Seasonal Worker Programme and the Pacific Labour Scheme. These successful government initiatives have enabled Connect Group to work with Labour Sending Units from nine Pacific Island nations and Timor Leste since 2010.

How Does Our Team Put Farmers Back In
Control Of Their Labour Supply Needs?

Connect Group does much more than place workers onto farm sites. We work alongside farmers throughout the entire process to alleviate your stress surrounding labour sources and compliance issues by:

Connect Group does much more than place workers onto farm sites. We work alongside farmers throughout the entire process to alleviate your stress surrounding labour sources and compliance issues by:

  • Coordinating the logistics of getting the right employees into Australia to suit your product
  • Establishing and maintaining productivity levels via regular crew meetings and training sessions
  • Cultural integration to train employees in Australian customs and expectations in the workplace, inclusive of hygiene and quality control processes
  • Providing 24/7 wellbeing support for all employees we sponsor, to ensure a holistic approach to their needs; minimising the burden to address concerns such as medical requirements and the monitoring of responsible out of hours lifestyle choices.

"With Connect Group’s Seasonal Workers, I can tell the Team Leader what needs to be done and walk away with the confidence that the task will be done well, on time and without fuss."
Agronomist, VIC

The Seasonal Worker Programme (SWP)
Or Pacific Labour Scheme (PLS),
Will Save You Money And Give You Peace Of Mind

You will benefit greatly if:

  • You no longer wish to waste resources in the continual search and training of new workers
  • You’re tired of the high turnover rates and unreliability of backpackers, local workers or contractors
  • You’ve felt the impact of rising costs and want to reduce spoilage and increase revenue
  • You want a workforce who share your pride in your farm and what you produce.
  • You’re under pressure from buyers and regulatory bodies to meet their compliance standards and expectations.

If you can relate to any of these issues, we at Connect Group are confident we can provide you with a productive and sustainable labour force that will enable you more opportunity to focus on your profit.

Independent research has shown that workers from the SWP and PLS are upwards of 22% more efficient than other labour solutions in the first year. This rate will only increase in subsequent years as, on average, between 94 – 100% of workers will return to your farm after their first contract.

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