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The directors and staff of Connect Group have collectively spent the last 50 years gaining the expertise, experience and innovative flair needed to operate a successful "total labour solutions provider".

In the near future, Connect Group aims to be Australia's leading and most innovative provider of these services and we have already made significant progress along that path. For example, by recently earning accreditation and becoming an "Approved Australian Employer" under the Federal Governments "Pacific Seasonal Worker Pilot Scheme", Connect Group will provide work with our Government on this long term nation building program.

For us to achieve this we must also be the first name that people/businesses turn to when the question arises of finding suitable and rewarding work in whatever form that takes OR, finding the right people to successfully complete that work.

We want all our people partners to be intrinsic parts of an exhilarating and rewarding journey that takes us all out of the ordinary and into the future where innovation is the key and the protection and encouragement offered by the Connect Group allows all involved to benefit.

We invite you to travel with us down that path.

Michael Fryszer - Founder and Managing Director.


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