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Let us be your people partner!

Are you looking for a team of reliable and qualified workers?

Is your business hurting from a lack of human talent?

Would you like to engage employees on a short or longer term basis without payroll overheads and complex IR issues?


We Are Your LABOUR HIRE Solution

Connect Group has a pool of experienced employees available right now. We can also tap into our vast network of contacts and sources to find you the right person or team sooner rather than later! Connect Group can provide your business with the results you would expect from a seasoned team of in-house staff.

Whether you're looking for one staff member for an ongoing role, or a team for a new department or project, hand pick your next star recruits from Connect Groups portfolio of qualified workers.

Outsource Labour, Outsource Risk

We will find your perfect employee today! You're planning to expand operations, but are you prepared to tackle employee and IR law?  Did you know the average penalty awarded by the Workplace Ombudsman for breaches of the Act is $33,000?

Connect group qualifies and employs your new staff directly, sending experienced personnel to your workplace for a permanent or temporary placement, or even a long-term trial.

As the employer, we assume the costs and exposure associated with employing a team of workers, from unfair dismissal and WorkCover claims, to 6-month casual conversion restrictions.

Having said that, we believe you'll want to retain our labour hire employee for as long as you can. Most of our clients do. Connect Group's employee churn rate is one of the lowest in the labour hire industry. Many of our employees have worked with us for years on an on-going basis.

We know our labour hire screening and placement service meets the toughest quality assurance standards. We are one of a very small group of national labour providers approved by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.


Outsource Labour, Outsource Costs

Let us minimise your overheads! We also reduce your overheads by eliminating your need for Public Liability Insurance and all your previous payroll administration costs, including taxation (federal and state) and superannuation.


Are you ready for a productivity boost while lowering overheads? Minimize staffing overheads today.


Tap into our labour hire talent pool by calling us on (03) 9792 1949

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Our consultants are ready to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, please call us on +613 9792 1949
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