Why use Connect Group as AAE?

Why use an Australian Approved Employer (AAE)?

AAE's responsibilities include:

  • Initial liaising with growers and horticultural enterprises regarding their seasonal requirements for labour and advice regarding compliance with all regulations governing PS workers including remuneration formulas.
  • Remove onus on growers and horticultural enterprises to compliantly advertise/ screen/ shortlist/ interview local labour respondents – Labour Market Testing.
  • Providing Pacific seasonal workers with an average of :
    1. 30 hours work per week over six months;
    2. 35 hours work per week over five months; or
    3. 38 hours per week over four months.
  • Offshore recruitment and sourcing of workers with right attribute for work:
    1. English competency
    2. Physical ability
    3. Health Check/Chest X Ray
    4. Criminal history
    5. Financial literacy training
    6. Pre departure briefings – type of work/life in Australia etc
  • Facilitate all initial payments regarding DIAC visa applications, health checks, flight bookings, transfers, etc.
  • All the above expenses must be paid well in advance of any suitable PS worker departing their country of residence for Australia. This can amount to considerable sums when many people are required.
  • Approved Employers will pay the full upfront cost of the workers’ international airfares to and from Australia and later recoup a percentage of that cost from the worker. Grower's contribution is capped at maximum of $500 per worker.
  • Approved Employers contribute to the international return airfare cost for Pacific seasonal workers at the following percentages:
    1. 35% of each e-Kiribati workers’ airfare
    2. 50% of each Tongan workers’ airfare
    3. 55% of each Papua New Guinean workers’ airfare
    4. 80% of each ni-Vanuatu workers’ airfare.
  • Arranging and facilitating worker payments for accommodation of a suitable standard, private health insurance and transport to and from work on a daily basis.
  • Providing pastoral care and grower support – 24/7, on arrival briefings, OH&S training, banking, local community representation / assimilation / social cohesion activities / food shopping familiarisation / religious worship introduction.
    1. Assist with initial cost of living expenses
    2. Assist with initial clothing
    3. PPEs/OH&S briefings
    4. Working in partnership with grower / setting Targets / K.P.I’s etc.
  • Paying workers in accordance with the Horticulture Award 2010 or other relevant industrial instrument. Reporting monthly to DIAC/DEEWR as well as FWA Audits
    1. Weekly payroll, deductions and statutory obligations eg. PAYG/Workers Compensation payments/Superannuation/Payroll Tax/GST etc..
    2. Assisting workers with access to personal banking, gaining a tax file number, preparing a tax return.
  • All pre-departure briefings, airport transfers and check-in.

Seasonal Workers in Koo Wee Rup

Video courtesy of: ABC Radio Australia

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