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Our key team members have collectively spent nearly 50 years assisting business across many industry sectors with their labour needs whilst providing jobseekers, looking for short/long term quality workplace engagements with proactive assistance to achieve their goals.


We have become a preferred labour solutions provider and training facilitator for Australian manufacturing industry, especially in the food and beverage sectors. Everyday businesses large and small rely on Connect Group to provide high quality staff and to take away the burden of compliance when it comes to administration, HR overheads.


Give us a call. We connect growing businesses with the right labour talent throughout the spectrum of permanent, temporary and contact positions.




Our unique approach to staffing gives Australian companies access to four distinct staffing options. Get a productive edge over your competitors with:


• On-Hire Labour - cost-saving flexibilityimg05

• Pacific Seasonal Workers in Horticultural sector

• Contractor Management - focus on results-based productivity

• Direct Engagement - find and engaged skilled workforce with reduced overheads


Let your labour $$ spend be maximised by becoming a Connect Group client. Leave your payroll and HR overheads behind. Enjoy greater workforce flexibility with a team of high quality hand picked human talent motivated by productivity.


Whether you want to fill one temp position or need an entire production team, Connect Group's bespoke results-focused employment solutions integrate both our client and candidate individual requirements with initial selection and interview process. Connect Group has options ready and waiting for you, especially in the food and beverage, metals and pharmaceutical sectors.


Your next star recruits are out there waiting for work. Let us connect you with them!


The solution to your problem is only a phone call away!

Call us NOW (03) 9792 1949

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Want Seasonal Workers for your business? Ask us how!

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Why use Connect Group for your Seasonal Labour?

SWP InLine RGB Benefits of using Connect Group as Australian Approved Employer (AAE)

We are one of the first few AAEs to have worked under the Pilot program. Our 50+ combined experience in labour hire and firsthand knowledge of Government guidelines and the state of play in the Horticultral and Hospitality Industries will ensure that your business gets the productivity and reliability it deserves. Find out more...


Statutory and associated costs


Agency Costs Breakdown

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Find out more...


Alternative Engagement Options? Visit LabourLink Staffing Mall

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